Capsule Filling

There are many different techniques and multiple utensils you can use when filling different ingredients into a Capsule.

  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • Pastry Bag / Piping Bag
  • Thin spatula

It is important to know when filling the capsule that you have no air bubbles because this can create breaks in the print.

To remove air bubbles, push the ingredient down fully into the capsule.

Make sure you ALWAYS use a capsule press inside the capsules prior to printing or Foodini can be severely damaged. 

Depending on your ingredient, there are 2 different ways you can fill the capsule.

Technique 1: From the top to the bottom:

  • Start by making sure the Nozzle is screwed onto the Capsule Body.
  • Point the Nozzle facing down towards the floor.
  • Place your pointer finger on top of the Nozzle then use your thumb & 3 other fingers to cradle the Capsule in your hand.
  • Then fill your ingredient into the top end of the Capsule.

Note: Don’t fill ingredients to the top, leave enough space for the capsule pressure to fit. 

  • When your ingredient is loaded, insert a Capsule Press and push it down with your finger until the ingredient comes out of the Nozzle.
  • The Capsule Press must always be inserted into the Capsule Body before loading into the machine.

Technique 2: From the bottom to the top:

  • Take a Capsule Body without a Capsule Nozzle attached.
  • Insert the Capsule Press to the top of the Capsule Body.
  • Hold the Capsule upside down and fill the ingredient from the open Nozzle side.

Sometimes it’s good to use a strainer when using small nozzle sizes

Have a Capsule Press that Feels Too Tight in the Capsule Body?

If the capsule press feels too snug or tight in the capsule body, do add a drop of cooking oil around the rim of the capsule press (where it makes contact with the capsule body.) We prefer to use olive oil, but use any cooking oil you have on hand in the kitchen.

Refilling a Capsule that Ran Out of Ingredient

Have a capsule with a capsule press all the way down by the nozzle? An easy way to remove the capsule press is to first remove the nozzle, and then use a blunt kitchen object like a chopstick or spoon handle to push the nozzle up to the top of the capsule for easy removal. Do not use sharp objects as they may damage the capsule press.