Foodini World

Explore a whole new world with Foodini World!

You must be logged in with a cloud account in order to access Foodini World. 

Along with your Foodini 3D food printer, you will get free access to the online Foodini World, the place where you can see the latest and greatest recipes, fillings and creations. Browse dishes directly from Foodini World and download the ones you like to your Foodini account, where you can edit and further customize dishes to make the perfect print just for you. 

To enter Foodini World, tap the Foodini World icon (  ) on the right side of the top menu bar:

If the Foodini World icon is not clickable and greyed out:

then you are not logged in with a cloud account. Log in with a cloud account in order to access Foodini World.

When the Foodini World icon turns green, you are inside Foodini World! We recommend tapping refresh (  ) to make sure you see all the dishes available.  

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