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Additive Manufacturing (AM), the popular method is 3D printing, is a way to create and build 3D objects by adding layers on layers. Were traditional methods is to subtract material from an object until you have the final object, which causes much waste.​


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FIRST PRINT and setup with Foodini

Learn and understand the basic settings for using the Foodini 3D Food Printer.  How to navigate through the machine and steps in completing your first print.

Am Solv3D platform

AM Solv3D is an online community and learning platform. Which contains online courses for Additive Manufacturing technologies, from 3D Printing (plastic, resin, fibres and food) to Plastic Recycling (desktop shredding and filament extruders). Along with online courses is a community focused space for people to connect and share ideas. Built to share the knowledge of these technologies with everyone, in an open and supportive community platform.​

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